About our team.....

World Class Canine's protection dog training program is second to none.  The program was designed with one goal in mind; to provide the private sector with same quality of training found in the elite patrol dog community.  Our program was created by some of the most influential trainers in the working dog world starting with our National Director James Allen Parker.  Along with his duties with World Class Canine, James is the bite-work columnist for K-9 Cop Magazine (2010-present), a feature writer for Police K9 magazine and is the founder of the No Nonsense Patrol Dog Association.  James has instructed police, federal, military and Special Forces units around the world.  Martin Wesley currently operates as a state police SWAT K-9 handler/trainer, along with his duties as a World Class Canine Master Trainer.  Master Trainer Stefan Nazdam brings over twenty years of experience to World Class Canine, gained from training countless working dogs here and in his native Czechoslovakia.

What the competition doesn't want you to know!

At World Class Canine we have always allowed our programs excellence to speak for itself.  I personally don't believe in downing the competition to further our business, however, due an alarming number of recent horror stories in our industry, I feel compelled to educate the public on certain things to watch out or beware of, when shopping around to have your dog protection trained.  Beware of the following warning signs, as they are signs of a business that is either incompetent, or one that is running a scam.

1) Kennels, trainers, or businesses that don't require an evaluation prior to agreeing to a training contract.  It is important for you to remember that not every dog is capable of performing protection work, due to varying genetics inside the dog world.  At World Class Canine, we along with other legitimate business's require an evaluation prior to promising you results to not only insure that your dog is capable of performing the package you purchase, but also to insure that your dog possesses the proper nerves, drives, stability and clarity to safely and effectively perform as a protection dog.  Kennels that do not require an evaluation on dogs unknown to the trainer are simply running a scam and are only interested in taking your hard earned money, regardless of the product they turn out. 

2) Kennels, trainers, or businesses that do not have an age requirement for protection training contracts. 
To properly train a K9 in true protection the candidate must be a minimum of 14-18 months of age.  That is not to say that introductory prey driven (fun, play-like) bite-work cannot start at a very early age, however, real protection training requires intense pressure and a true threat from the agitator.  If true bite-work is done at to young an age it will forever hinder the dogs capabilities and will create fear in the dog, which is not desirable in a true protection dog.   If a trainer tells you that can train your dog to be a true protection dog when they are a puppy, run! They will either produce a dog that only plays a game of bite-sleeve tug-o-war, or they will create a junk yard dog that is more bark than bite.  Dogs exposed to pressure to early, operating out of fear are a liability to you and your family because they are in a sense fighting for their lives and they will perform bite-work in a state of panic, nearing fight or, flight drive.  Don't allow a trainers greed to forever ruin your dogs temperament by starting too soon. 

What to expect from a World Class Canine trained protection dog?

Protection dog training takes years master, which is why we ask that you take careful consideration in choosing a trainer.  Protection training is a delicate process and if done properly will not adversely affect the temperament of your dog.  Proper protection training will give your dog a purpose and bring him closer to you, his family.  Proper protection dog training will also develop internal confidence in your dog, not fear.  At World Class Canine, we teach each student to react under certain situations, or by command.  By properly training each dog, we retain their loving and social temperaments, but produce man stopping fight to the death results, when called upon.

Addressing the sad state of affairs and low point of reference in the protection/guard dog training business.

The truth is that the vast majority of so-called protection dog trainers/kennels in our industry are fraudulently selling and training dogs for sport and passing them off as personal protection dogs, to clients that don't know the difference.  If you are not familiar with the concept of a sport dog, a sport dog is trained to believe that bite-work is a game and relies on internal prey drives and visible equipment to perform.  Schutzhund trained dogs are the most common examples of a sport dogs commonly mistaken for real protection dogs.

The Difference between street and sport.

To better understand what sport dog training is, you must understand what K-9 prey drive is.  Typical sport dogs genetically possess a high level of prey drive (the drive that tells a dogs brain to naturally chase an object, other animal, or human).  Prey driven dogs in their natural environment are predators that posses the desire to run down their prey, whether its a cat, animal, or bite-sleeve.  In regards to prey drive, it alone may fuel a canine to chase down a lesser animal, but will not pay dividends when the dog encounters a worthy adversary in a defensive or, fight driven scenario.  Now that you understand what prey drive is, we will further discuss sport dog training methods and theory.  From a very young age, sport dog trainers teach their dogs that a visible bite-sleeve is the center of their prey-driven universe.  These dogs are taught that the sleeve itself is the prey item, not the man.  To further exploit their dogs prey drive, sport dog trainers instruct their decoys (bad guys) to run away form the dog, which is non-threatening and continues to add to the manipulation of the dogs prey drive.  Sport dog trainers avoid the pressure associated with a real life fight in training and their dogs will typically not bite a human being without a visible bite-sleeve.  Because the sport dog training world revolves around a fleeing decoy, projecting fear with no resistance, sport trained dogs cannot typically handle the pressure of a home invasion, or real fight.  Remember, to the untrained eye a highly prey driven sport dog biting a sleeve may seem impressive, however, you must understand that dogs trained solely in sport dog methods, regards bite-work as a game and without the sleeve will become confused.  So far we have covered sport dog training (prey fueled bite-work), which does not create a real life protection dog, now let us discuss the bite-work variable, used to create a real protection dog, pressure!

Genetically speaking the most important inherent trait possessed by a true protection dog is rock solid nerves, or a high threshold for defensive pressure.  To put it more simply rock solid nerves equals a courageous dog with a high level of genetic confidence.  Ideally a dog that possesses rock solid nerves will also possess a high level of prey drive, but, remember that prey minus pressure typically equals a game.  Only dogs with an acceptable nerve level should be trained for protection no matter what their inherent level of prey drive is.  The single defining variable in the equation measuring how far a dog can go in a fight, is the dog's own nerve level.  Now that you understand the internal drives required for protection work, let's talk about pressure.  Pressure in K-9 training is synonymous with adversity, a threat from a worthy adversary, a challenge from a worthy adversary, pain, or extreme environmental factors.  The job of a true protection dog trainer is to prepare the dog for real life's worst case scenario's to include; home invasion, multiple attacker, defense of handler, prolonged fighting with a suspect offering intense resistance, car jacking, etc.  This type of training can only be done, if the decoy (bad guy), challenges the dog by coming straight forward, offering resistance, not running away, like you will find in sport training and Schutzhund.  Remember that the job of a sport dog decoy is to actually make the dog look better than they truly are, whereas a true protection trainer prepares the K-9 for the worst possible scenario.  Properly trained protection dogs must also be taught that the man is the sole object of their fight, prey and defensive drives, not the visible bite equipment.  It is imperative to use techniques like; civil agitation, hidden equipment, muzzle fighting, dominance training and full body bite-suit work when training a real protection dog.  Remember, if your dog is trained to handle World War 3, a real life scenario will seem like a day at Disney Land.


             †World Class Canine's Protection training packages†

Guard (Civil) Dog Training Package:

Alert on command / Aggression on command
*Defense of Handler (bark and guard)
*Outing on command (stop behaving aggressively)
*Any obedience package can be added
*All breeds welcome

This package is designed to teach dogs to behave aggressively, but not bite.  When this training is complete, your dog will alert you when someone approaches and meet them at the door, and or gate, while showing aggression, until you say its OK.  This package includes scenario based training, as well as confidence building.  This package also teaches the dog to pump up and turn off on command.

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Personal Protection Training Level 1:

Alert on command / Aggression on command
*On lead defense of handler
*On lead defense on command
Bite and Hold training
Conditioning / Confidence building 
Outing (seize aggression / release bite)

World Class Canine's level 1 protection package is designed to teach your dog introductory personal protection and obedience.  When this training is complete your dog will; protect you against an attacker. perform on lead obedience and bite / show aggression on command.  This package also includes outing (bite release/anti aggression), scenario based training and confidence building / conditioning.  The World Class Canine Level 1 package is designed to condition you dog to the pressure of a real life scenario.  Upon completion of the training your K-9 will regard the man as the threat, not visible bite equipment and will be able to take the pressure of a close proximity fight.
  To insure that your dog is capable of this level of training an evaluation must be performed prior to training by our staff.  If you are interested in buying a world class trained protection dog, see our dog sales page.

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Personal Protection Training Level 2:

Defense of Handler (on and off lead)

*Tactical Bite-work
*Bite and Hold
*Confidence Building / Fight Conditioning
*Home Invasion Scenario
*Car Jacking Scenario
*Outing (release bite)
*Advanced Obedience

The World Class Canine Level 2 Protection Package is designed to transform your dog into a complete K9 bodyguard.  When the training is completed your dog will be able to; protect you, your family and your residence against burglary, kidnappers, stalkers, etc.  This program turns dogs into no holds barred man-stoppers.  World Class Canine's level 2 personal protection program produces upper echelon protection dogs that can handle anything life has to offer, including deep fighting with adverse opposition and conditioning to extreme external and environmental factors.  A World Class Canine level 2 graduate is the real deal capable of fighting alone, or in defense of a handler.  This package includes complete on and off leash protection, obedience, home invasion protection, car jacking scenario training, along with defense of handler.  This program utilizes a combination of full body bite-suit work, muzzle fighting, civil agitation and dominance training.  NOTE:  World Class Canine's level 2 protection package requires a well breed genetically sound dog to complete.
To insure that your dog is capable of this level of training an evaluation must be performed prior to training by our staff.  If you are interested in buying a world class trained protection dog, see our dog sales page. 

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Estate Dog Protection Training Package:

Estate perimeter guarding (patrol grounds)
*Defense of Estate (Estate Invasion)
*Multiple Attacker Scenario's
*Gunfire Conditioning
*Human Detection
*Defense of Handler
*Car Jacking Scenario
*Advanced tactical Bite-work
*Outing (release bite)
*Advanced Obedience
*Advanced Fight Conditioning

The World Class Canine Estate Dog Package is designed to transform your dog into an elite K9 Security Protection dog, capable of defending you estate against high level armed threats.  If your looking for the ultimate in K9 protection training, this is it,  The World Class Canine estate dog program includes everything listed in our level 2 personal protection training package, plus, estate perimeter guarding (sentry work), advanced home/estate invasion and area searching/human detection.  It takes a special dog to complete World Class Canine's level 2 and estate program. To insure that your dog is capable of this level of training an evaluation must be performed prior to training by our staff.  If you are interested in buying a world class trained protection dog, see our dog sales page.


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Personal Protection Evaluation:

Just like humans, not every dog is made to defend themselves, or others.  A man stopping protection dog (the real deal) must possess the proper genetic and physical traits, as well as inherent confidence.  Typically people mistake the average junk yard dog for an actual protection dog.  Just because a dog barks doesn't mean they want to bite.

Imagine the bully in high school that always threatened others but said he was only joking, if someone stood up to him.  To the untrained eye many weak
and fearful dogs seem like tough man stoppers because they behave so aggressively for no reason.  Believe me that is not a desirable quality.  Dogs that behave that way generally are only saying "please leave me alone" and are trying to scare people off to avoid conflict.  Occasionally however, there are exceptions to this rule.  A true personal protection dog is stable, well mannered and social in non-threatening situations.

This evaluation is required to asses whether or not your dog is suitable for protection work.  If your dog is not suitable, we can supply one that is.  Training fear driven, nervous dogs for personal protection is an accident waiting to happen and we will not put innocent people in jeopardy.

Personal Protection Evaluation $150.00

Note:  If the evaluation is done off site additional fees to include travel time and expenses will be added.