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World Class Canine is revolutionizing the K-9 training industry.  World Class Canine is the only national training franchise that is comprised of solely veteran military and civilian master K9 trainers.  World Class Canine proudly provides premier dog training and sales to civilian, military and police customers all over the world in the areas of; personal protection, military and police patrol work, estate protection, drug and explosives detection, search and rescue, aggressive dog rehabilitation, as well as, all breed obedience and general problem solving.  World Class Canine's breeding, importation, green dog sales and trained dog sales programs provide the finest K-9's money can buy and are proven superior in the field time and time again.  Please take a moment and explore our site by clicking the buttons below.

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               About World Class Canine's Training director James Allen Parker........

You may already know James as the bite-work writer for K-9 Cop Magazine, if not, please take a moment to review his below listed resume as well as a personal greeting from James himself.

A message from World Class Canine's training director James Allen Parker_______________________

Allow me to take a moment to explain my theory and qualifications as a canine trainer. 
I started training dogs professionally fifteen years ago and have successfully trained countless dogs for a variety of applications such as; police service, military multi-purpose training, obedience, personal protection, dog sport, agility, tracking, detection, search and rescue and general problem solving. 

I have served several law enforcement agencies as a head instructor, training specialist, unit master trainer and decoy.  I have served as an expert instructor for the Department of Defense and have taught K9 trainers from every branch of the US military.  I am currently the National Training Director for World Class Canine, the founder of the N.N.P.D.A. and am the feature bite-work writer for K-9 Cop Magazine.

Throughout my journey as a K9 trainer; I have always strived to stay humble while maintaining an open mind.  My focus has always been to create real dogs, capable of fighting a human at a high level, without the need of prey manipulation or, equipment reliance.  I don't want to come across as cocky, however, World Class Canine's street dog training program produces the realest dogs imaginable.  In regards to police service, military patrol and personal protection; we successfully teach dogs to look through the equipment and truly fight the man.  With that being said, I pride myself in approaching every student with an open mind.  Dogs are individuals, so we never train two dogs exactly the same.  A good dog trainer is able to read each dog individually and apply the right method of training to suit the individual dog's specific needs.  This can only be accomplished by training a large number of dogs for a wide variety of applications, while dissecting known techniques and developing new ones.   

As I frequently discuss in my column in K-9 Cop Magazine; it is imperative that we (the working dog community) search for answers beyond the flawed sport oriented techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.  Remember that just because you have done something one hundred times, doesn't mean that your doing the right thing.  So what is the right thing?  At World Class Canine, we believe that you (the client) are the ultimate judge of that, however, it is also our job to help open your eyes to possibilities beyond your current understanding.  For example, if your a sport dog enthusiast and want your dog trained in a traditional prey fueled method, focusing on visible equipment, our staff will help you win your next trial!  But, if your a working law enforcement K9 officer, someone in need of a protection dog, or a military handler; it is our responsibility to ensure that your dog is truly ready for lives worst case scenario and is capable of truly fighting a human without equipment on.  When dealing with K9's that stand between thier handlers life and death, we will only use methods that can ensure your safety and success in the field.  At World Class Canine, your safety is our responsibility and we pledge to give your team every advantage, if and when the worst case scenario happens.   

In my career as a K9 trainer, writer, instructor, breeder and decoy; my focus has always been on producing, training and selling the best dogs money can buy, while helping everyone I meet to broaden their horizons.  I pride myself in being accessable to the public and a friend to the entire working dog community.  With that being said, my lines are always open for colleges, students, clients, working dog handlers, as well as, other trainers and enthusiasts.  I am often criticized for giving too much valuable information away for free in print or, in person, however, to me helping just one person in the end to be safer is more valuable than monetary gain.  With that being said, don't be shy and let me know if there is anything World Class Canine can do to help with your current training situation.  Thanks for visiting our site and we look forward to hearing form you.  Feel free to like us on Facebook, or network with me on my personal page.

James Allen Parker
Director World Class Canine


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                                  James' K9 experince includes but is not limited to;

• 15 years of professional K9 training experience 
• Multi-agency Law Enforcement Master Trainer / instructor 

• Former Deputy Sheriff and Police Officer          
• Considered expert by the Department of Defense
• Current Bite-work writer K-9 Cop Magazine
• Founder of the NNPDA (No Nonsense Patrol Dog Association)
• National Director World Class Canine
• 2012 Expert Guest Speaker D.O.D. Military Working Dog Seminar Lackland, TX
• Guest instructor/Judge 2012 Military Working Dog Seminar
• Northern US Training Director K-9 Perfection
• Former Training Director K9HD
• A history of over 1000 dogs successfully trained
• Former Lieutenant Trainer K-9 Perfection
• Master breeder and K9 trainer

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