World cLASS CANINE'S Aggressive Dog Rehab  Saving lives one family at a time!

World Class Canine is proud to offer one of the most successful aggressive dog rehab programs on the planet.  The World Class Canine Aggressive Dog Rehabilitation Program is designed to cover a multitude of aggression issues affecting dogs of all breeds and ages.  World Class Canine's training staff consists of veteran K9 master trainers, each possessing extensive experience in aggressive dog training and rehabilitation.  Our master trainers have successfully rehabilitated countless of dogs for private citizens and well as the Humane Society.  As a business, we take great pride in the prevention of unnecessary canine euthanasia and can rehabilitate virtually all types of canine aggression.  If your best friend is in danger of being put down, or you have concerns regarding dog aggression, World Class Canine can help!

When to be concerned about your dogs aggression? 

Many dogs behave aggressively because of genetic fear.  With this type of dog, their own nerve issues fuel their aggression.  Genetically fearful dogs are also referred to by many as "fear biters," due to the fact they bite out of fear.  Fear biters account for the vast majority of the reported dog bites in the United States.  Some of the signs of a fear biting dogs are: hackles (the hair on the dog stands up), barking with the tail down, crouched over stance (while showing aggression), acting aggressively for no reason, aggression toward people for no reason, aggression inside of crate, kennel or run and an overall skittish or, standoffish temperament.  Many fear biters come across as jumpy and generally unfriendly with strangers.  The fear biting dog is easily mistaken for a true protection dog, by the untrained eye, because they behave so aggressively for no real reason.  Dogs that have experienced previous abuse or, a traumatic incident can also demonstrate "offensive defense," or fear based aggression.

So what is offensive defense/fear aggression?
Offensive defense/fear based aggression is a nervous or, traumatized dogs defense mechanism.  When a dog suffering from fear shows intense defensive aggression to strangers they are in fact saying, leave me alone!  Remember, it's not that your dog is mean or wants to hurt someone, it is simply the manifestation of their fear towards strangers.  In the initial phase of this type of aggression the dog strictly bluffs the stranger in an effort to scare them off, with a generally low intention of actually biting anyone.  Because most people actually believe fearful dogs when they project aggression, the dog trains themselves to believe that showing aggression actually works to scare off their perceived threat.  If nothing is done to break this cycle a fearful dogs aggression will likely escalate to the bite phase.  Remember that each time your dog is allowed to get away with aggressive behavior, the more they will rely on it and the more extreme and dangerous the occurrences will become. 

Can fear biting dogs be rehabilitated?

Yes, they can! Fear biting dogs lack confidence and through their aggressive (bully) behavior they ward of perceived threats by intimidating people.  Our trainers teach fear biting dogs that aggressive behavior is ineffective and unacceptable.  Fear biting dogs feed off of the fear exhibited by people they come in contact with, which is why our expert dog training staff is so effective.  By the time your dog graduates the World Class Canine aggressive dog rehabilitation program, they will have been socialized to a wide variety of people in a wide variety of positive scenarios and will have a new found respect for their handler's leadership.  Our program has an overwhelming success rate in not only relieving aggression but also transforming fearful dogs into friendly and social pets that finally realize they have nothing to fear!

Other types of canine aggression...

Dominance aggression:
As humans we often forget that our K9's are in fact animals, possessing their own set of behaviors, communications and instincts.  This is not to say that we should allow undesirable behaviors, only that we must understand the canine's true nature before labeling them as an aggressive or, mean spirited animal.  For example, a well breed and genetically strong dog will be more likely to challenge you for leadership once they enter into adulthood.  This can manifest anywhere from stubbornness to intimidation (a challenge) and potentially even handler aggression (a bite).  Many people are quick to label a dog that displays this type of aggression as disloyal, untrustworthy or, a monster, however, to the dog this is a normal activity within it's pack.  Take an opportunity to study videos of wolves in a pack setting or, remember your own experiences watching a litter of puppies interact with each other, as well as their parents.  You will see that aggression is one of the most common forms of communication inside of a pack.  Remember, canines can not talk it out, or get into an argument!  Their body posture and ability to dominate or, submit to members of their order defines their individual place in the family.  If you have experienced this type of aggression with you "best friend" don't take it personally and don't worry because we can help!  By the end of the World Class Canine Aggressive Dog Rehabilitation Program, your dog will no longer challenge anyone in the home for leadership and will understand their place as YOUR DOG!

Prey driven aggression:  Prey drive in an internal instinct possessed by all dogs at some level (some more than others) that creates the desire to chase down and attack lesser animals, people, objects and or, causes a reaction to certain movements and situations.  For example, if a dog that is normally completely social with children reacts aggressively to children swinging, running or, riding bikes, it would be an example of prey driven aggression.  In the above example, it is the erratic movement itself that fuels the aggression, not the children themselves.  Another example would be a dog that attempts to kill or, chases other animals such as cats in the home.  Breeds typically subject to prey driven aggression include, but are not limited to; the Belgium Malinois, Dutch Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, Working line German Shepherds, Welsh Corgi, Pit Bull Terriers, Pressa Canarios, Jack Russel Terriers, along with many of the herding and terrier breeds.  If your experiencing this type of aggression, don't worry the World Class Canine Aggressive Dog Rehab Program will transform your dog into a trustworthy companion in no time!

Dog Aggression:  Dog aggression is simply aggression towards other dogs brought on with or, without provocation.  This behavior is especially found in dogs that were at one time breed or, used as fighting dogs for example; Pit-Bull Terriers, American Bulldogs, Bull Terriers, Dogo Argentinos, Cane Corso's, Molosser breeds, among others.  Dog aggression is very common and is present in every breed of dog known to man.  In many cases it is simply a result of their learned behavior and previous experiences with other dogs. The World Class Canine Aggressive Dog Rehab Program will teach your dog that it is no longer acceptable to fight dogs without provocation and will produce dog social behavior in even the most dog aggressive canines.

What sets the World Class Canine Aggressive Dog Rehab apart from the competition?

Sadly, an alarming percentage of our clients have previously received unsuccessful  training form the competition prior to employing our services (sometimes from several trainers).  We hear the horror stories daily ranging from a national training franchise that would have you growl and bark at your dog, or throw water balloons, to new age behaviorists that make excuses instead of correcting the behaviors themselves.  One major problem regarding the new age perception of dog training stems from popular reality shows seen on television.  It is important for you to remember that there in no such thing as reality TV, as it is heavily edited and scripted.  Also you must remember that the majority of dog training franchisee's are simply a for profit business, allowing anyone with enough money and time to buy in and begin training after taking as little as a two week training class, of one-size fits all training.  Do you really want to trust your dogs well being to someone that started with flawed technique and is learning as they go?  At World Class Canine, ALL of our franchisee's are legitimate Master K9 Trainers, each possessing a minimum of ten years daily training experience.  Our trainers are all highly respected nationally renowned trainers in the civilian, military and police K9 working fields.  Because our trainers are the best of the best, each possessing a lifetime of experience, they are able to approach dogs with an open mind, while catering a unique training program to suit the specific needs of each dog trained.  Another reason the competition falls short in aggressive rehab is because they are truly afraid of aggressive dogs themselves.  Remember, dogs can sense fear and therefore they will never truly grant leadership to someone they deem as fearful.  A trainer that lacks experience with aggressive dogs simply cannot properly rehabilitate them.  So why are our trainers so good at aggressive dog rehabilitation?  It is simple, all of our trainers are also veteran protection and patrol working dog trainers.  In the business of handling and training the hardest working dogs in the world you have to learn how to gain the upper hand or, pay the consequences.  As bad as your dogs aggression issues are; it's a guarantee that the World Class Canine trainer you contract will have seen one-hundred times worse!  To put it simply our trainers have extensive experience training and handling aggressive dogs, whereas much of the competition has only read about it.  The entire staff of World Class Canine takes great pride in giving your best friend a second lease on life while ensuring the safety of your family and friends.  Contact a World Class Canine representative today to discuss your situation, or for further questions.  We look forward to exceeding your expectations as canine trainers. 

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